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        Mary Grey 4 Door Bedroom Package Deal

        Mary Grey 4 Door Bedroom Package Deal
        Mary Grey 4 Door Bedroom Package Deal
        Save 23%

        Mary Grey 4 Door Bedroom Package Deal

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        The beautiful high gloss 6 piece bedroom from our gorgeous modern Italian collection, Mary. This stunning contemporary bedroom set will look amazing in your home. The style and Italian charm showcase clearly through the hearty craftmanship. Each piece as beautiful as the next. All furniture pieces can be bought separately.

        This 6 piece bedroom set includes the following:?


        • Bed frame - H102cm x L166cm? x? D209cm
        • Bedside cabinets - H48cm? x L55cm? x? D37cm
        • 3 Drawer dresser - H77cm? x L100cm? x? D44cm
        • Mirror - H77cm x L100cm x D44
        • 4 door wardrobe with 2 central mirrors - H210cm? x L164cm? x? D54cm



        Delivery Information

        Italian Furniture Direct has its own team of delivery?drivers and can deliver anywhere in the UK Fast!

        Italian Furniture Direct in? Portsmouth. The largest and best value Italian furniture shop. 10% Price promise on furniture, we have most products in stock and ready for delivery. Italian Furniture Direct's Showroom is based at the Bridge Shopping Centre, 91 Fratton Road, Portsmouth PO1 5AG. We have the largest range of Italian Bedroom Furniture, including?designer beds, wardrobes and chest of drawers. Our Italian Dining Tables include a huge range of Italian marble. Our Modern Italian Leather Sofa's?will? add a touch of class to any living room and our new high gloss furniture will add the style your looking for. We have the largest Italian furniture shop in portsmouth and all surround areas. We hold a huge range of stock and are the only furniture shop in Portsmouth that can offer same day delivery in Portsmouth, Fareham, Southampton, Gosport, Hayling Island, Havant, Petersfie

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